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Transportation assets – shipping containers, dry van trailers and chassis – are exposed to salt-spray (ocean and road), abrasion, sunlight degradation and many other abuses as they carry goods across the country and around the globe. Transportation assets must be labeled to track location and lifecycle. Those labels and nameplates must withstand the same conditions as the assets to which they are affixed – remaining legible after years of abuse. Faded, corroded or otherwise illegible nameplates and labels threaten the readability of identification items; impeding safe operation, costing companies’ downtime and leading to regulatory fines.

MPC’s Metalphoto® photosensitive anodized aluminum is the material of choice for transportation asset identification such as CSC Safety Approval Plates and VIN Data Plates. The reason is simple: durability and legibility.

vin tagMetalphoto’s durability comes from its image that is sealed beneath a sapphire-hard anodized layer, providing resistance to corrosion, sunlight degradation, abrasion, extreme temperatures, and chemical exposure. Metalphoto’s legibility comes from its photographic resolution – allowing for the contrast required for barcode labels and anti-counterfeit micro-printing.

Metalphoto is used for the following transportation identification applications:

  • trailer and chassis VIN tags
  • bar code VIN tags
  • anti-counterfeit VIN tags
  • asset management & traceability tags
  • dolly & chassis identification plates
  • CSC Safety Approval Plates
  • inspection & maintenance schematics


logos of MPC customers - sprecher+schuh, cold jet, cannon instruments, dhs systems, link belt cranes

logos of MPC customers - sprecher+schuh, cold jet, cannon instruments, dhs systems, link belt cranes

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